Are There Any Rehabs Where I Can Bring My Dog?

Question by Kendra W: Are there any rehabs where i can bring my dog?
I’ve hit rock bottom and know I need help. I’m looking for a recovery center that will adress all my needs: mental/personality dosorders, depression, self mutalation, anorexia, drug dependency, etc. I’d like it to be close to my home in arizona, but I’ll go anywhere I can take my dog. I have a 6 month old pit bull mix that I’ve been training to be a service dog. I know that if I go to rehab I’ll be gone for about a year and i’d have to give her up, I can’t do that. Kyia is the main reason I’ve been putting off getting help for so long. I need a place where I can take her with me. Please help, Kyia is all I have, I’ve lost everything, I can’t lose her too….

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Answer by Renee
There are no federal laws in the U.S. that gives service animal trainers the right to access public or private areas. However some states do have such laws. It is important to know what your state laws are concerning service dogs in training. 6 months is very young but you should call rehab places and see which one might allow your pup on a trial bases. You’re more likely to get a in training service dog in if they have the right to remove the dog if it becomes burdensome. So check your state laws or the state laws of the places you’re wanting to go for rehab and then call facilities about such things. Good luck!

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  • Cheriepie says:

    Federal law doesn’t cover service dogs in training, but you could try to have her declared an emotional support animal— it sounds like you and she both qualify for the designation. Speak to your doctor and ask him to write you a letter confirming that you are diagnosed with a pychiatric disability and you require an emotional support animal.

    That does not mean that rehab has to accept it, as federal law only covers emotional support animals for housing and flying, but it would give you a better chance if you have doctor verification that it would negatively impact your mental health to be without your dog.

    You can do this. You can come out the other side….don’t give up.

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